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Get FREE DELIVERY on orders RM3,000 and above. Get FREE DELIVERY on orders RM3,000 and above.

Our Story

It all started with a problem. We couldn't find enough unique and updated products other than what the local brick-and-mortars offer.

After a decade.

We started out as designers of different disciplines (graphic & interior), and finally came together to collaborate for a greater purpose. We are a team of duo, pragmatically seeing the need for good and affordable designs.

We are fussy.

We are careful about every dining table, chair or decor that you pick out from our store. Each product we curate represents a statement of timeless aesthetic, not wanting to compromise on quality. We test them out before sharing out to our store.

We love to be different.

We enjoy challenging each other’s opinions and others. We believe it is from these experiences that we are able to keep things out of ordinary.

We want to influence.

We want to offer not just a piece of furniture (that looks like a million bucks), but also to influence how we can create a living space that is modern and timeless (that is worth more than a million bucks!).